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Better Business Collaboration

Arrow will visit your offices, assess your conferencing requirements and transform that tired old meeting space into a productive collaboration super hub!

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Arrow’s Huddle Room 5 Package – SPECIAL OFFER!

Huddle Room Special Offer

  • Arrow’s premium offer price is based on a 36 month agreement, including five party conference room, smart TV, conference camera and speaker, wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Requires internet access, minimum 2Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

FOR ONLY $299 per/mth You Get:

  • 1 x iMeet user account (Local Bundle plan) – Up to 15 video participants and 125 audio participants
  • 43” HD Smart TV with wall mount installation. 55” and 65” TVs available
  • Dolby Voice® offers the highest quality audio that sounds like an in-person meeting
  • HD 1080p making video calls come to life
  • 10 x Zoom and remote pan tilt zoom camera feature
  • Office like applications including a native outlook plug-in for fast meeting scheduling via Outlook calendar invites
  • Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse
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What is a Huddle Room?

Feel like a huddle? Let’s get a room

Arrow’s concept of a huddle room is really very simple – it’s a small space where about six to eight people can collaborate in private, and have a video, audio, or web conference without distraction or disruption. Video conferencing technology has become smaller and less expensive while audio and video clarity has improved, setting the perfect stage for huddle room use.

Our packages come pre-equipped with the necessary technology to run these conferences, offering big savings compared to their large-room counterparts.

You don’t need to buy a $15,000 system for a huddle room; we’ve designed an affordable package so there’s no excuse not to upgrade your boring old meeting room!

The growth in huddle room popularity won’t be slowing soon, and with good reason. Inexpensive, easy-to-implement conferencing solutions now exist, and every company can now afford to benefit from huddle room systems.

  • Fast and simple to use – start a conference in 30 seconds!
  • Convert your boring meeting room into a productive and connected huddle room
  • Create a productive work space your staff will actually want to use
  • Have a space for meetings, brainstorming sessions and presentations for small groups
  • Connect to customers and remote staff easily and quickly
  • If employees need to meet with prospective clients or members of their team, a huddle room is ideal
  • Fast and simple to use – start a conference in 30 seconds!
  • Dolby Voice® means crystal clear conferences for multiple parties
  • Smart TV acts as a large bright and crystal clear computer monitor
  • Unlimited use High Definition Video & Voice Conferencing for five parties
  • Access Netflix, TV, Foxtel, YouTube and more
  • Web browsing and Office applications on a large clear bright screen
  • Record your meeting sessions if required. iMeet also automatically sends meeting notes, or meeting minutes.
  • Dial out to participants and bring them into meetings.
  • iMeet has a list of global dial-in numbers, making it easy for overseas participants to join your meeting.


Features + functionality designed for business needs.

  • Simplicity

  • No Hassle Meetings
  • Record Meetings
  • High Definition Audio
  • Audio Only / Audio + Video
  • Board / Meeting Room & PC Cams
  • Content Sharing
  • Security

Creative + Custom Solutions for every Industry

  • Video Wall
  • Multisite
  • Sales
  • Recruitment
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Legal and Mediation
  • Real Estate
Read the Case Study
Read the Case Study

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Mini PC image

Compact Mini PC

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Mount behind displays & under desks
  • Multiple monitor support

Minix Neo X8 img

Media Hub & Signage

  • Media hub for Android
  • Digital signage for office reception
  • Web browser and remote desktop

Logitech Microphones

Logitech Microphones

  • For boardrooms & large groups
  • Suits conferences of 14-20 people
  • Dual microphones deliver clear audio
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