2020 was the year video conferencing and collaboration became a crucial tool for business continuity, and this will continue in 2021 as we navigate hybrid working arrangements. While much of the focus has been on the work-from-home angle, it’s also vital to have the right solution and technology installed in the office, so you can continue to host successful and productive video meetings and collaborate with remote staff, suppliers, and customers.

At Arrow, we’ve helped businesses adapt their business operations through the clever use of customised video conferencing solutions.

Firstly we’ll look at what you need to consider when planning a conference space, the technology involved in a conference room installation, then look at a real-life customer example.

Conference Room Planning & Design

The first thing to consider is your meeting environment. Taking the time to plan and create the right environment will enhance your video conferencing experience and pay dividends down the track.

Some considerations:

  • Plan your space to have minimal reflective surfaces
  • Ensure you have an evenly lit space so that the camera can capture colour, contrast, and definition more accurately
  • Avoid aiming cameras at strong/harsh light sources – consider window coverings like blinds or curtains to have control over your lighting sources
  • Use neutral colours on walls that are visible to the camera and avoid bright colours and bold patterns
  • Remove visual clutter from the room like unnecessary furniture and busy artwork

  • Choose a suitable conference table for the room and an appropriate number of chairs so that the camera can capture all participants at the table.

Conferencing Equipment

Once your conference room has been defined and designed, it’s time to match up the right video conference technology with your space.

Small meeting spaces and huddle rooms: up to 8 people

Do you have a compact meeting space? Logitech’s Meetup is an all-in-one conference cam with an ultra-wide lens designed for small rooms. It packs in a ton of functionality and features within its compact package including a 4K Ultra HS camera with 5x HD zoom, full-range speaker system, beamforming microphone array, and a motorised pan/tilt lens. It connects to your computer or laptop via USB.

You mount Meetup at your display like a soundbar, so there’s no need for a table speakerphone and the dreaded cabling mess in a small space. You can also add in an expansion mic to extend the beamforming mic range up to 5 metres.

Medium-large meeting spaces: up to 40 people

Logitech Rally is the video conferencing solution perfect for medium and large meeting spaces of up to 40+ people.

Update: Logitech has now also launched Rally Bar, an all-in-one video conferencing bar designed for midsize rooms, with expansion options for larger groups and settings.

Studio-Quality Video

Rally uses an Ultra-HD imaging system for ultra-sharp video, amazing color, and outstanding optical accuracy up to 4K resolution. Logitech uses RightLight™ technology that will optimise light balance even in dim or backlit conditions.

Find it offputting to be talking to a colleague who is half out of frame? Logitech’s RightSight camera will automatically move and adjust the lens to frame the meeting participants.

Modular Audio

Clear audio is important for a successful group video conferencing. Logitech RightSound™ improves voice clarity through the suppression of background noise, auto-leveling of voices, and focusing on whoever is speaking.

Rally speakers are designed to be placed at the front of the room. Through the alignment of the speakers with the video display, voice and video originate from the same place and never from behind making conversations more natural and lifelike.

Sensitive mic pods also allow everyone in the meeting to be clearly heard. No more “can you repeat that?” or nodding sagely pretending you heard what was just said!

Smart Cabling And Content Sharing

Hands up who hates the look of complicated and tangled cables! 🙋🏻‍♀‍🙋🏼‍♂‍ Logitech have a Display Hub and Table Hub that keeps cables neat and organized. All Rally components and meeting computer remain secure and out of sight. They keep it simple through connection by a single CAT6A cable. Both aforementioned hubs have a full complement of connections so the meeting computer can be near the display or at the table. HDMI input on the Table Hub means you don’t need additional cable extenders and you can share wired content easily.

Design Aesthetic

We all want the functionality as well as the good looks! Lucky then that Logitech Rally employs sleek industrial design that will work in any professional setting.

Arrow Case Study

A wheelchair supplier had a clever strategy to keep its business operating during COVID lockdowns. Working with Arrow, a virtual showroom space was designed and deployed.

They required a space where they could move around and demonstrate the product freely and in an open space. The challenge here is to ensure that the person demonstrating could be seen and heard clearly wherever they were in the room. Logitech Rally was installed and deployed, taking advantage of RightSight camera and RightSound™ audio technology. We also installed mic pods on the roof to ensure crystal clear audio at all times.

Partnered With The Best Cloud and IT Providers

Arrow Voice & Data is the only company you need for all your IT and telecommunications needs. As procurement specialists, we handle all technology, purchasing, warranty, and support under one umbrella. This includes all your video conferencing equipment and software. We’ll also install and train you on your new solution so you’ll be able to take full advantage of your new video conferencing setup.

Start your business digital transformation with a trusted solution partner will ensure your IT and comms fit your business needs, and your work-from-anywhere plans are firmly in place. We’ll ensure you make the right choice the first time.