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Voice and Data Solutions for Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

The hospitality sector has unique customer-centred communications requirements. From the fast-paced environment of restaurants to the 24/7 needs of hotels, phone and internet reliability is critical and downtime is just not an option.

We now communicate not just face-to-face, but via a wide range of platforms including phone, mobile, online and social media. How we communicate can leave a lasting impression on our customers and patrons, and have the ability to turn visitors into loyal brand advocates.

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Cloud Communications for Hospitality Offers

  • Improved Reliability with no more dropped calls or unreliable connections
  • Reduced Costs with no expensive setup fees and reduced phone costs
  • Easy Call Routing means you’ll never miss a call or a booking with calls routing across locales and staff
  • Simple to scale as you expand into new locations or increase your staff, you can easily scale your phone system without any complexity
  • Analytics and Reporting with integrated data tracking you’ll be able to better predict staffing needs and customer service performance

Contact Centre as a Service – CCaaS

CCaaS software provides a host of features that provide a superior customer experience.

Why upgrade to the cloud?

  • It’s more cost effective, with no capital investment necessary, and physical infrastructure upgrading is not needed for scalability.
  • CCaaS provides real-time monitoring, with the ability to monitor real-time statistics such as agent data, queue information, and current interactions.
  • Improve agent morale and job satisfaction through improved scheduling, preference management, and request handling
  • Omnichannel communication – voice, email, chat, SMS, and video
  • Gain actionable insights that will improve customer service and agent performance
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Actionable Data and Insights

Powerful data insights for hospitality businesses

You can now make better decisions with actionable insights. Our suite of analytics tools will give you enterprise-level business intelligence about your communications. Detailed information about your cloud PBX call data is presented in clear easy-to-digest reports and dashboards, allowing you to make informed and timely business decisions.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Are we missing customer calls and potential business
  • Are we staffing to meet current demand

  • Should we reroute any of our calls

  • How many calls were abandoned or went to voicemail

  • How long are customers being kept on hold


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