Important notices and information for Arrow customers

02/2021: Credit Card Surcharge Update

Important Message to Arrow Customers regarding credit card surcharges

From the 1st September 2017, new legislation has been introduced which limits merchants to the amount that can be charged as a credit card payment surcharge.

This legislation states that any surcharge is limited to the amount it costs the merchant to accept that type of card for that transaction. Upon review of our current surcharge rates, we have revised our credit card surcharges to match the amount that is charged to Arrow by our banking facilities. This figure is taken directly from our banking statements for each card type as per the new legislation.

If you would like to learn more about these surcharges please visit the Reserve Bank of Australia website
If you would like to avoid credit card surcharges, you can elect to pay your Arrow invoice via direct debit from your nominated bank account. If you would like to switch to this option please contact:
Arrow Customer Service on 1300 305 794 or
Email the Arrow Operations Team. click here

If you have any further questions regarding this change please call Arrow Customer Service on 1300 305 794.

VISA Credit 1.22% 1.25%
VISA Debit 0.65% 0.73%
Mastercard Credit 1.22% 1.23%
Mastercard Debit 0.79% 0.71%
American Express 1.75% 1.75%
Diners Club 2.93% 2.93%

06/2018: 1Click Web Conferencing

Important message to Arrow 1Click conference subscribers

From 31st July 2018, Arrow will retire the legacy 1Click platform and invite our clients to move across to our new 1Click iMeet Conference and Collaboration platform.

1Click iMeet has improved features and benefits underpinned by one of the biggest global conferencing providers – Premier Global Services. Current subscribers of the original 1Click will have their monthly billing subscription charges ceased from the 15th July 2018.

For a free trial or to learn more about our new platform please contact your Arrow Account Manager:
1300 666 079.

02/2017: ARROW 1 click Conferencing Update

Message to Arrow Customers regarding 1Click Web Conferencing

If you are an Arrow customer using 1click for desktop share, we recommend Firefox browser for desktop conferencing. We advise the following:

  1. Update your PC to the latest version of Java
  2. Add to your Exception site list in Java Security settings. Attached is a work instruction on how to add this to Java. It is advisable to reboot PC after making the security update. Below you can download instructions on how to add this to Java. It is advisable to reboot your PC after making the security update.

Java Settings Instruction download »

10/2015: Telstra Network Phone Lines

Important message to Arrow Customers using Telstra Nework Phone Lines

Effective from 16 October 2015 the cost to call a 13/1300 number will increase from 35c per call to 40c per call ex GST. Telstra have passed down a price increase on calls…

made to 1300 numbers to their wholesale and retail customers using Telstra PSTN or ISDN phone lines.

If you would like Arrow to provide alternative network options, please call our Account Management team on 1300 555 330 to discuss alternative voice networks in your area.


Important message to Arrow Customers regarding Arrow Reward Points Program

The Arrow Reward Points Program is being discontinued with all points expiring on 30/04/14. You can use your remaining points balance until this…

date. Reward points can be claimed by recontracting existing services, installing new services or migrating new services to Arrow.

Contact us and one of our friendly Customer Support staff will be happy to discuss any concerns or how best to use your remaining reward points: 1300 305 794