Policies and Procedures

Arrow Voice & Data Policies and Procedures

The policies, processes and information set out below apply to Arrow Voice & Data’s (Arrow) small business customers.

We consider that you are a small business consumer if you:

  • are a business and acquire services from us for business purposes, other than for resale;
  • you did not have the chance to negotiate the terms of your contract with us; and
  • have an annual spend with us of less than $40,000.

Arrow takes its compliance obligations seriously. If you need further information, please contact us here »

Appointment of an Authorised Representative

When you appoint an Authorised Representative you are giving the person you appoint the authority to deal with us on your behalf as your agent. This means that the Authorised Representative has the power to act and access information as if they were you. This includes making complaints, changing account details or terminating a contract. You can of course specify limitations of your Authorised Representative’s rights.

Please note that only account holders can appoint an Authorised Representative. If you wish to appoint more than one Authorised Representative, you will need to complete one Authorised Representative Form for each person you wish to appoint. You can appoint up to three Authorised Representatives.

If you wish to appoint an Authorised Representative, please download and complete the form via the link below:

Making a Compliment or Complaint

Arrow undertakes to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. We commit to answer you phone call with no waiting time aim to resolve any enquiry on this first call.

We appreciate your positive or negative comments and feedback on any matters involving our service or staff by using the contact details provide. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service we have a complaint policy in place. This Policy can be viewed by clicking here

There are several contact methods below to file a compliment or complaint. We will always ensure that your compliment or complaint is handled as efficiently and effectively as possible in accordance with our policy. Where possible include your customer number and return contact details in any correspondence.

Contact to Arrow can be made through the following methods:

  • 1300 305 794

  • Fax 1300 666 079 (attn: Customer Service Manager)

  • Level 6, 66 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (attn: Customer Service Manager)

  • feedback[at]arrowvoice[dot]com[dot]au

Billing Information and Spend Management Tools

You can find a summary of Arrows billing and payments process here, including information on Bill formats, Bill delivery methods, Charges, Billing options, Billing period and Bill payment types.

You can also find a summary of Arrows Spend Management tool available to you to help manage your costs.

For further information please see our overview by clicking here

Estimate Your Data Usage

The table below may be of assistance to gain a better understanding of how much data you are using. This may help you choose the right service and avoid unexpectedly high bills. Please note that actual usage will depend on the device used, the technology used (3G, 4G) and other factors. The information below is based on averages and provides estimates only.

Email text only 30 – 50 KB
Email with attachment, i.e. document or photo 350 KB – 4 MB
Website viewing 1 MB
Streaming video/minute 7 MB (3G), 30 MB (4G)
Streaming music/minute 1 MB
Downloading a song 6 MB
Downloading an app 30 – 100 MB
Uploading a photo 4 MB
Making a video call with an app/minute 8 MB (3G), 24 MB (4G)

Appointing an Authorised Representative

An Authorised Representative means the person who has authority from your company to deal with us on your behalf as your authorised agent. You can appoint an authorised representative by contacting our customer service team on 1300 305 794.

If you choose to appoint an authorised representative you must be aware that that a person who is made an Authorised Representative has the power to act on your behalf in all matters, if you would prefer a limited level of access this can be arranged also.

If you would like further information on this process please contact us on 1300 305 794.

International Roaming

To use your Arrow Post-Paid Mobile Phone overseas you must ensure that international (global) roaming is activated on your mobile phone.

International roaming is the ability for a mobile phone network customer to make voice calls, send and receive data or access other services when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network, using a visited network.

Usage abroad depends upon the number of roaming agreements held by the network and the specification of the phone.

You can activate and deactivate international roaming by contacting our Customer Service Desk on:

1300 305 794 or by using our contact form.

While using your phone overseas international roaming charges can be expensive, as data and calls are charged differently to how they are at home. You may be charged for both making and receiving calls, sending messages, sending and receiving data or accessing other services while you are overseas.

International roaming charges are not standard call charges and as such they are not included in any bundled or shared plans that you may have in place.For further information on our current charges please contact our Customer Service Desk or your Account Manager.

Financial Hardship Policy

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship, we will ensure that any Financial Hardship arrangements agreed with you are sufficiently flexible to take account of your individual circumstances. This Policy can be viewed by clicking here