Your team has been working hard on the proposal. Late nights and weekend work so your business has the best chance possible at winning the contract. Now it’s up to you to ‘bring the bacon’ home. You need to wow the prospective client with your presentation to win their work.

On the Qantas Link flight you read over the presentation again. You’ve been doing this work for years now but wish your team could be with you – right now. Going into the meeting with your team by your side would be great, but it could blow out the travel budget. As you’re flipping through the Qantas Link magazine, you see an advertisement with the headline “Take the team with you on your next business trip!”

You don’t normally read ads but Arrow’s Huddle Room 5 Package special offer has piqued your interest. Reading on you learn that Arrow can come out to your office and set up a Huddle Room for your team. The Huddle Room is a small space where up to eight people can collaborate privately or have a video, audio or web conference without disruptions or distractions.

Sipping your coffee, you picture what it would be like now if you had Arrow 1Click Conferencing. Your team would be back in the office in the Huddle Room ready to meet you and the prospective client.

Arrow 1Click Conferencing will allow you and your team to see, hear and interact – as if you’re in the same room.

Features include:
• Conferencing for 5 parties
• 43” HD Smart TV with wall mount installation. 55” and 65” TVs available
• Professional quality audio for crystal clear voice conference Calls
• HD 1080p making video calls come to life
• 10 x Zoom and remote pan tilt zoom camera feature
• Office like applications
• Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

As the Qantas Link plane starts its descent, you note that Arrow tailors packages to suit every business. The days of spending $15,000 on a video conferencing system are over!

In the taxi on the way to your meeting, you want to find out more about the Arrow 1Click Conferencing solutions. Reading the customer case studies you decide then and there that this solution is a must for your business.

You read about the Australian research and development company NAAMTECH who now have worldwide collaboration and connection without leaving the office. And Packcentre who have cut costs and boosted productivity at their five Australia wide locations – just by using the Huddle Room solution.

Find out how our Huddle Room can boost your business productivity and cut costs. Call us on 1300 542 142.