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Business Relocation

Relocating your business can be a costly and stressful time. Arrow Voice & Data goes to great lengths to ensure you can relocate your telecommunications services with confidence. Arrow Voice & Data offer a complete solution from the assessment of the proposed location through to the installation of new services. Our expert team can offer you the best business relocation advice and assistance.

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Where are you moving?

You may not have thought to consider this, but telecommunications should play a very big role in deciding on your new location.
Make it a priority to check with the building management of any potential new office site about its communications capacity.

Enquire about internal wiring in the building, and if any tenants have had major problems in the past with faulty lines. Ask how far the site is from the nearest telephone exchange. If you are too far away from the exchange your internet speed will be affected. Check if any other tenants in the building have the same kind of products you do, like an Ethernet connection.

There is nothing worse than signing the lease on your brand new office space then finding out you cannot relocate your existing Ethernet service.

If you have any doubts while choosing your new office location, we highly recommend speaking with an Arrow Account Manager who will be able to guide you through the process and perform service qualifications on any addresses you may have in mind.

As soon as you have settled on your new location, please let us know so we can get the ball rolling on relocating your services. The sooner we know the better and you can look forward to a simple and seamless business move.

When are you moving?

Once we know the address, it helps to have a firm date planned for relocation. Your account manager can help deciding on the best relocation date for your phone lines and internet based on moving dates.

Some of our products take longer to relocate than others. Your account manager will work hard to ensure all products are relocated as quickly as possible. Please note that a PSTN line needs to be active for us to start to connect an ADSL service. Your ADSL will always trail behind your phone service.

Can you keep the same numbers?

The short answer is, it depends. The closer you are from your existing premises, the more likely it is that you will be able to keep your number. As telephone numbers are native to one exchange, if your new address connects to a different exchange you will need to change numbers. We can check this before you move and organise alternative arrangements such as diversions if required.

Your account manager is here to help

Your personalised Arrow account manager will be with you every step of the way, and is available at any time for any queries or concerns you have. Your relocation is in safe hands with Arrow. Moving your phones and data will go from one of your biggest worries to your smallest.

Arrow Relocation Guide and Checklist

What Arrow Offer

  • New site service qualification — Is your new location right for your telecommunications needs?
  • Phone system relocation — Now might be an ideal time to upgrade your phone system with Arrow for $0 upfront
  • Cabling — We can do a full onsite assessment of your needs and take care of installation
  • Electrical — Powerpoints, workstations and communications cabinets
  • WiFi Access Points — We offer a range of WiFi solutions to suit offices, retailers, schools and medical clinics
  • Video Surveillance Solutions — It’s now easier than ever to install CCTV surveillance simply and affordably

FREE Relocation Guide and Checklist

We've put together a business move and relocation checklist full of useful advice for you before the big move.

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