The Boathouse Group

Connecting multiple locations through custom unified communications


The Boathouse Group is a collective of iconic hospitality venues sites situated across the pristine beaches and bays of Northern Sydney’s coastal region.

The Boathouse, established in 2008, began with the Palm Beach, Sydney café. The Group has expanded to 8 venues, serviced by a team of over 450 staff. Featuring a mixture of restaurants, shopping and event venues, The Boathouse Group offers a range of hospitality services that are aimed at creating experiences people love, through high-quality products and ingredients as well as genuine and fun service. The Boathouse Group believes in contributing to the local community and provides a classic Australian beachside experience.


The Boathouse Group approached Arrow Voice & Data with a unique challenge. Because their venues are situated across Sydney’s Northern Beaches, there is a lack of both traditional copper and mobile network infrastructure coverage, meaning Arrow couldn’t just switch over carriers or flip a switch to bring services online.

Arrow’s Service Delivery team had to create a solution only they could implement to provide The Boathouse Group with the connectivity they needed. They also wanted to improve the customer experience via a centralised contact centre for their restaurants and events management ventures.

Arrow also had the task of revamping all IT infrastructure across the Boathouse’s venues, to ensure once the new solutions were in place, quality of service would be at 100%.


The Boathouse Group’s main need centred around the installation of reliable data connectivity and provide internet access to their remote locales. Arrow Voice & Data created a solution no other communications provider could deliver.

We created a wireless microwave ethernet bridge, linking multiple sites to a centralised network, providing data, phones, and connectivity to venues that otherwise existed in isolation.

Arrow Voice & Data also provided a technology ‘tidy up’ across all venues; performing a service audit to ensure all hardware was up-to-date, provided complete technology reports, improving the usability of their server rooms, cable management, managed WiFi network, phones, and data service management to improve voice quality.

  • Reliable data connectivity to all remote locales via a wireless microwave ethernet bridge, linking multiple sites to a centralised network
  • Public WiFi solution for patrons and staff
  • Installation and configuration of new internal network
  • Infrastructure, including cloud server and firewall

  • Managed security routers
  • VOIP cloud phone system.
  • Multiple Fibre internet connections through the NBN
  • Complete management of IT infrastructure


Arrow Voice & Data have taken what were 9 separate business locale and united them through our unified communications solution. Utilising our expertise in telecommunications and IT solutions, Arrow brought data and centralised connectivity to a fractured business.

The Boathouse Group is now able to filter all business inquires, communications and data through their new centralised services.

Since Arrow has taken over communications and service management, The Boathouse Group has added an additional three sites to their group, for which Arrow has provided full deployment and infrastructure solutions.


The Boathouse Group have benefitted from Arrow’s partnerships with premium world-leading cloud communication and IT providers.

Arrow access the very best cloud platforms and solutions and our solution design experts go to work in creating the very best setup to meet the unique challenges that each business faces. All this with one point of contact, Australia based business grade support and one bill for all your services.

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