Are the communication systems and solutions your medium or large business uses unified? If your communications are not unified into one solution, your business may be wasting time, money and losing its competitive edge. Over the past few years, unified communications have helped thousands of businesses worldwide get convenient access to cross-channel communications including VoIP telephone, computers and mobile devices.

A world class, future proof unified communication solution has:

  • Network infrastructure (firewalls, routers, switches)
  • IP phones
  • Hardware platform or a server
  • Applications and services including instant messaging, email, voicemail, CRM tools, cloud based and mobile apps and video conferencing tools.

8×8 unified communication solution is easy to use, manage and deploy. This cloud-based platform gives medium and large businesses scalable, future proof communication and collaboration services on one platform. Using simple administration and management interfaces, 8×8 conforms to security and compliance standards.

When your business has one unified communications suite, all your employees at every location use one communications solution. Say goodbye to multiple contracts, multiple vendors, expensive support personnel and IT headaches.

How unified communications can improve your business productivity

As more medium and large businesses are choosing a unified communications approach, they are realising there’s more they can do than make and receive calls from desktop phones. Unified communications are cloud-based and support a wide variety of technology so conversations, communication and collaboration can happen anywhere on any device at any time. It also allows employees to choose the best type of communication for the task at hand remotely, at home or on the road.

Team based productivity and collaboration increase when businesses use unified communications. 8×8 unified communication solution offers a complete suite of telephony, communication and collaboration solutions. This consistent, hassle-free solution allows you to share the same number across multiple devices. Fed up with having to use different protocols with their own passwords? Unified communications allows seamless transition between phone systems, conferencing and chat.

The single sign on (SSO) gives all team members access to corporate directories, voice calls, chats, document sharing and video conferencing. Say goodbye to “I’m going to have to call you back” when you switch from your desk phone to smartphone – unified communications keeps the call going effortlessly.

Businesses who use unified communications report that using the cloud-based solution helps them stay ahead of their competition and respond quickly to their customer needs. IT managers report that replacing their legacy PBX with 8×8 unified communication solution has reduced costs.

It’s important to note that if your business is still using a legacy PBX, the liabilities, risks and costs can include:

  • Losing ground to competitors with superior communications capabilities
  • System outages and unplanned downtime that harm your business, reputation and profitability
  • Inability to replace critical components as dated technology reaches end of life
  • Attrition of in-house expertise required to maintain legacy infrastructure
  • High upgrade costs associated with keeping server environments up to date

Unified communications makes collaboration easy

When businesses use unified communications, they learn that voice, chat and video collaboration is only one-click away. Web conferencing allows employees working in multiple locations, remotely or at home to communicate easily across all devices.

Using industry-leading HD audio technology video, Arrow 1Click Conferencing delivers high resolution and fidelity over WiFi and the Internet. This state of the art technology allows you to interact and see others as if they’re in the same room as you. Top uses for Arrow 1Click Conferencing include:

  • Remote training,
  • Face-to-face meetings with team members and customers, and
  • Recruitment interviews.

By being able to connect and collaborate immediately with multiple people at multiple locations, stronger relationships can be developed between team members, clients and stakeholders. Fed up with escalating travel costs and the amount of time spend in planes and cars commuting? Unified communications reduces costs of travel while increasing the amount of time your team stays productive.
Our web conferencing packages can be tailored to suit any business budget. Find out how web conferencing can add value to your business and improve communication. Call Arrow Voice and Data on: 1300 542 142.

Why your unified communication solution should be hosted in the cloud

A cloud-based unified communication system delivers calls and PBX-style functionality over your Internet connection. With no need for multiple landlines or expensive PBX equipment, more medium and large businesses are choosing to use the cloud for business communications. And since traditional phone lines aren’t used, a cloud-based system is much more cost-effective than a large, expensive legacy PBX system. Switching your communication system from legacy PBX to a unified cloud communication solution ensures your business becomes more efficient and stays productive.

If your medium or large business doesn’t replace your legacy PBX there are risks and costs to be aware of. These include:

  • Expensive IT and labour costs to keep PBX server environments up to date
  • A loss of competitive edge to your competitors who have future proof cloud-based phone solutions
  • System outages and/or unplanned downtime that could damage your reputation and profitability

With many legacy PBX systems comprising of separate solutions from multiple vendors, productivity becomes disjointed and costly. Switching to cloud communications ensure all communication capabilities are integrated seamlessly. A unified cloud communication solution easily adapts to your business growth. From opening up new locations to increasing employee numbers or having more remote workers.

If you need to increase the scale of services with legacy PBX it is often labour intensive and very costly. And if a catastrophic event or disaster affected your business, a legacy PBX system will not have the capability to provide continuous connectivity. A unified cloud communication system has no single point of failure, so no matter what happens your business will always stay connected.
At a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX systems 8×8 unified communication solution has benefits including:

  • Advanced phone features including Internet faxing, call recording, extension dialling, auto attendant and ring groups
  • Significant savings compared to traditional phone systems with an average of 50% savings on mobile phone bills and up to 90% in deployment costs.
  • Easy collaboration via video meetings and web conferencing
  • One communication system for all employees across multiple locations on any device

With fast speed and ease of communication across multiple platforms, systems and devices your workforce becomes better connected and more productive. When your phone system is in the cloud, your business has the agility and flexibility to add or disconnect new phone lines and locations via an Internet connection. The 8×8 business phone system is easy to use and requires minimal IT assistance.

Other features of 8×8 business phone systems include:

  • Single interface for all communications: phone calls, chat, meetings, faxes and customer interactions
  • Disaster recovery capabilities
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Real-time platform
  • Contact centre capabilities
  • Service reliability
  • 24/7 Australian based customer service call centre

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How to get the right unified communication solution for your business

Is your medium or large business still using out-dated communications? To ensure your medium to large business has the right unified communication solution for 2018 and beyond, it’s important that it’s scalable and future proof. Since 2002, Arrow has helped thousands of medium and large Australian businesses with unified communication solutions.

As one of Australia’s largest privately owned telecommunications companies our communication tools and technology seamlessly integrate to the cloud. Find out how unified communications can help your business increase productivity and get an edge of get a competitive edge, cut costs and increase productivity.