The holiday season is quickly approaching! As you make arrangements for the year-end and the highly anticipated office festivities, remember not to overlook the crucial preparations needed to guide your business smoothly through the holiday season.

This is also the perfect moment to begin laying the foundation for your 2024 business plans. So, continue reading for our 2023 Holiday Checklist and some strategies to give your business a boost in the upcoming year.

1. Keep Your Customers Informed

It’s essential to take proactive steps including:

  • Configuring your out-of-office notifications
  • Arranging phone call redirections and managing voicemail systems
  • Informing customers about your holiday business hours via office voicemail, your website, and your social media profiles.

2. Carrier Embargoes

3. Stay Connected With Your Customers

Don’t let important sales or customer service inquiries slip through the cracks. Modify the call routing for your 1300/1800 numbers to connect to an available office line or redirect to a messaging service.

4. Review Your IT Setup

Navigating the hybrid work environment remains a persistent challenge within the cybersecurity realm. Comprehensive data security must encompass all devices, remote personnel, and dispersed working locations.

Elevating cybersecurity and IT to a top priority is essential for your organisation in 2024.

Arrow’s managed IT services offer cost-saving solutions, on-demand support, and robust security measures to safeguard your business.

5. Evaluate Your Phone System Performance

Is your current communications setup aligning with your business goals and meeting your expectations? If not, it’s time to initiate a thorough evaluation of your existing setup. Schedule a conversation with one of Arrow’s specialists to explore the available options.

Thanks to our strong partnerships with leading providers, we can seamlessly tailor the functionality of your communication system to match your precise needs and objectives.

Whether it’s Voice for Microsoft Teams, unified cloud communications, or a cloud contact centre solution, we’re ready to design a customised solution that will grant you a significant competitive edge in 2024!

6. Internet connection causing frustration?

Are you confident that you have the ideal business-grade internet solution in place? Arrow offers Fibre internet solutions and business-grade nbn® services that address all your business needs, complete with redundancy measures to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and security.

Start 2024 with a versatile, scalable, and future-ready internet connection.

7. Tailored Business Mobile Plans

Our business mobile plans offer a wealth of valuable features designed specifically for businesses, including:

  • Data sharing: Pool data allowances for seamless sharing among all your team members.
  • Data Banking: Keep unused data from your monthly allocation, carrying it forward into the next billing cycle.
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Wi-Fi calling: make calls over 4G and the 4GX mobile network, in addition to selected roaming partners when travelling overseas. You can also make voice calls using your Wi-Fi connection or suitable Wi-Fi connections when roaming overseas.

8. Procurement Specialists

Equipping your team with the tools needed to keep it motivated and productive can be challenging, especially with a hybrid workforce. The right tech can have a big impact on productivity and successful collaboration.

With Arrow’s IT webstore offering over 10,000 products, we are well-equipped to provide you with a wide array of resources, including handsets, headsets, conference cameras, laptops, and monitors. We can assist you in identifying technology assets that perfectly match your business requirements while staying within your budget.