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Accounting Business Expo 2018

Cloud Communication Solutions for the Accounting and Finance Industry Last week Arrow and 8x8 Australia were proud exhibitors and sponsors for the second year running at Accounting Business Expo (ABE). ABE is Australia’s largest annual business event, and the second largest accountancy and finance exhibition globally. There are over 4000 attendees, 2500+ partners/CEOs 150+ exhibitors [...]

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How cloud services enable SME business agility

If you have a SME business, you’ll know how important business communications is. While your SME may use the cloud already with services like Google Drive or Dropbox, here’s how the cloud can further transform your business. A recent report by Dimension Data Digital Workplace has drawn on research from over 800 IT and business [...]

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The hidden costs of patchy Internet for your business

In 2017 every business needs access to a fast and reliable Internet service. From a small business operating from home to a business with multiple locations and employees who work remotely. Global data usage in business is rising every year, which means that the demand for bandwidth and fast Internet is only going to increase. [...]

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Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Holidays and New Year

Christmas and New Year are yet again nearly upon us. Is your business prepared? Never fear, before things get too hectic we’re here with our top tips to take the stress out of preparing your business for the holiday season, and some great ideas on how to boost your business for a busy, profitable and [...]

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Get scalable and feature rich business communications by switching to the cloud

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, efficient and cost effective business telecommunications is crucial to your business success. But if your business phone system uses PSTN or ISDN it’s time to consider replacing it with a cloud based phone system. Why are PSTN and ISDN being phased out? [...]

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