To prioritise customer satisfaction and experience, businesses must connect on their preferred communication channels, ensuring a seamless and consistent support experience throughout their journey.

Watch our video or read on to explore the many benefits of omnichannel contact centre communications.

The Challenge: High Costs of Phone Support

Fact: Phone calls are the most expensive way for a business to support their customers and can drain resources.

We want to find ways to:

  • Increase first call resolution (fixing the problem on the first try)

  • Solve technical issues faster with video chat functionality

  • Reduce the number of call backs

Streamlined and Efficient Channels

The key lies in harnessing channels such as email, SMS, web chat, and video calls.

These channels are:

  • Cost-effective and simple to set up
  • Great for the customer experience (less hold time!)
  • Proven to reduce customer churn (keeping happy customers)
  • Boost agent efficiency by freeing up time for complex issues

While AI chatbots are popular, they demand considerable time, expertise, and resources—something small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) might find challenging. Let’s spotlight straightforward and impactful channels you can start using straightaway.

Email Queuing

Email queuing allows incoming customer emails to be organised and prioritised in a dedicated queue.

Benefit: Enhanced response to customer enquiries, who don’t want to call.

  • Agents can specialise in email support or handle emails between calls.
  • Set up automatic routing for urgent enquiries.
  • Integrate with CRM systems for faster, personalised responses.
  • Use email templates to save time and ensure consistent communication.

The result: Satisfied customers, happy agents, and valuable customer insights.

SMS Queuing

Respond to customer texts directly on their mobile. Quick resolutions and agile responses make SMS an invaluable channel for fast-paced environments.

Benefit: Instant communication with customers.

  • Customers can easily reach you for quick questions or updates.
  • Two-way SMS lets you resolve issues efficiently.
  • Integrate with CRM for a complete conversation history.

The result: Shorter wait times, happier customers, and a more responsive brand image.

Web Chat

A client can enter contact details on your web site to automatically have an agent call back when they are available to assist.

Benefit: Real-time assistance for website visitors.

  • Answer questions and guide them through the buying journey, reducing website bounce rates.
  • Proactively engage with visitors based on their browsing behaviour.
  • Integrate with knowledge bases for accurate and consistent information.
  • Save chat transcripts to understand customer needs and improve your website.
  • Multilingual support expands your reach and keeps everyone happy.

The result: Higher website engagement and conversion rates.

Web Callback

Client enters contact details on your website to get an agent callback when they’re ready to assist.

Benefit: Convenient assistance for website visitors.

  • Prevent your clients waiting on hold
  • Reduce queue hold times and pressure on agents during busy times of the day
  • Improve customer satisfaction

The result: Higher website engagement and conversion rates.

Elevate from Call to Video

Elevate from call to video allows seamless transition from a voice call to a video call for enhanced visual support.

Benefit: Enhanced visual support for complex issues.

  • See the problem firsthand for faster troubleshooting, especially for technical issues.
  • Capture screenshots or recordings for future reference.
  • Let customers see you’re invested in solving their problem.
  • Video calls lead to quicker resolution, happier customers, and a stronger brand reputation.

The result: Improved time to resolution of complex queries.

Omnichannel: Stay connected, stay ahead.

By offering these additional channels, you empower your contact centre and your customers.

You’ll see increased engagement, faster resolutions, and enjoy a more cost-effective support framework.

Embrace Omni Channel Communications – the future of efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric support.

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