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What is the NBN and is it available at my site?

The NBN – or National Broadband Network – is a national wholesale-only, open-access data network. The Australian government’s communications website states that it will, “give all Australians access to very fast broadband over fixed lines, wireless or via satellite.” The site says there will be various ways that the NBN will be delivered. The current [...]

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The Evolution of the NBN

What started off as a simple plan to get  to everyone in Australia just got complicated! Why? Well the plan was to have the NBN run fibre cabling to the premises (FTTP) to deliver fast internet. So why are we suddenly seeing acronyms such as FTTN and FTTB? Well, those in charge of implementing the [...]

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NBN Roll Out – How will it impact my business?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) rolling out right now is Australia’s newest broadband network. The NBN uses fibre optic, satellite and wireless infrastructure already available in many of the major capital cities to deliver broadband access with speeds (100Mbps per second) up to four times faster than regular ADSL services, making it the ideal choice [...]

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