How to get the ultimate business communication solution, without any of the headaches!

Want the best business communication package that doesn’t break the budget? Before you sign up for cheap deals with different suppliers or buy your own handsets and equipment, picture this… You’re just about to start an important video conference but the equipment isn’t working. After you find the supplier details, you get placed on hold [...]

Why use one company for all your Telecommunication and IT needs?

There are numerous advantages to using a company that can manage both your Telecommunications and IT. Convenience, cost, time and efficiency are all vastly improved, by taking this approach to business. Many companies are now starting to opt for this all-in one solution. Let’s find out why. Convenience When you have everything under the one [...]

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PSTN, ISDN, ADSL – What does it all mean?!

If you need to know more, our friendly team is here to help. So you’ve just been told that the business is expanding and you need to look after the communication services at the new office. You immediately go into a panic as you don’t know where to start, [...]

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How to Estimate Your Internet Usage Requirements

What is internet usage? Internet usage is the amount of data which is transferred between your computer or other device (e.g. smart phone, tablet) and the internet over a certain amount of time. This amount of data is measured in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. Data can be transferred in two ways: From the internet [...]

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