Is your business prepared for a Cyber Attack? Since the frequency and intensity of cyber attacks is increasing, it’s vital that all businesses understand the ramifications of not being prepared for a Cyber Attack. While you may understand how a Cyber Attack can harm your business, it’s also important to be aware of the hidden costs of a ransomware, cryptohacking or cryptojacking attack.

So all our clients get the best cyber security Arrow has an official partnership with Sophos Group a provider of the world-class cyber security protocol services.

How Sophos end-to-end Point Protection gives your business advanced security

If your business workstations, laptops and other devices are not secure, you may be vulnerable to cyber threats. Some of the reasons why endpoints are susceptible to cyber threats include the following:

  • Endpoints get installed and configured but never checked to see if they are highly secured

  • You trust your team to keep their endpoints updated with patches, but don’t monitor this

  • You rely on and trust automated software to update security patches for endpoints

Endpoint protection is an advanced security solution that addresses issues relating to endpoint security. It secures and protects endpoints against all types of cyber attacks, inadvertent data leakages due to human error and zero-day exploits (a cyber attack occurring on the same day a software weakness is discovered). It is important to note that antivirus solutions cannot prevent targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT’s). Only endpoint protection solutions can provide your business with a full range of security solutions.

Standard cyber security solution systems can be prone to security loopholes and vulnerabilities, which can leave your IT network at risk. Endpoint security systems have been developed to protect your IT network endpoints from vulnerabilities and malicious threats. This centralized cyber security technique effectively secures all your business endpoints including smartphones, laptops, workstations, tablets and other devices.

Sophos end-to-end protection gives your business advanced cyber security. To stop the full range of cyber threats, Sophos Intercept X uses a comprehensive approach to endpoint protection rather than relying on one security technique. Sophos Intercept X Works out of the box with no additional training needed and combines CryptoGuard anti-ransomware and root cause analysis with the best in class anti-exploit technology. This ensures Intercept X stops the widest range of endpoint threats.

Sophos Intercept X features include:

  • The number one performing malware detection engine proven on Virus Total since August of 2016 that blocks malware before it executes

  • Being able to prevent both known and never-seen-before malware

  • Does not rely on signatures and protects even when the host is offline

  • An ability to detect malware in approximately 20 milliseconds

  • Able to classify files as malicious, potentially unwanted apps (PUA), or benign

  • Having an extremely small footprint (under 20MB) that focuses on Windows portable executable

How Sophos Central unified software platform keeps your business secure

With cyber attacks becoming more advanced and coordinated, it is important that your business uses the best cyber security solution. Arrow Business Essentials gives your business full access to the Sophos Security package. Sophos Central is a unified software platform, which allows users to easily manage all their Sophos products and services. Sophos revolutionary Security Heartbeat™ ensures your firewall and endpoint protection are communicating with each other. This gives your business the ultimate protection against advanced threats.

Sophos Central can:

  • Find threats faster by using advanced threat indicators that include suspicious network traffic. This information detects and prevents attacks as it is instantly shared between the Next-Gen Firewall and the Next-Gen Endpoint

  • Minimize threat impacts with customized endpoints that are automatically isolated by the firewall. If a threat is detected the endpoint terminates and removes the any malicious software. This automated incident response saves your business money and IT time

  • Simplify an investigation of compromised systems so you can take action quickly by sharing computer names, paths and users between your Endpoint and Firewall

When your business uses Sophos Central unified software platform you don’t need to use multiple applications for each of your services including server security, email services, mobile and Internet monitoring and endpoint security.

Get protection from cyber security threats with Arrow and Sophos Security Systems

In the next few years, cyber security threats to all sizes of business will increase. A ransomware attack on your business can infiltrate computer systems via compromised emails and emails and antivirus software alone will not be able to stop it. It’s also important to note that the ransom demanded will be only a tiny portion of the total cost of the attack. Restoring and recovering your data and information can take time and be expensive. The cost of downtime to your business as a result of a cyber attack goes beyond an inability to deliver services and products and losing business opportunities. A cyber attack can have a ‘trickle down’ effect that impacts your team, business partners, clients and stakeholders.

You can easily safeguard your business against the threat of cyber attacks with Arrow’s tailored cyber security solutions. Since 2002 our highly trained and experienced team of IT specialists and cyber security experts have helped protected 1,000’s of businesses against cyber attacks. Our official partnership with Sophos Group ensures your business gets the best cyber security protocol services available. Find out we can protect your business against cyber attacks.