4 ways to ensure a smooth transition with your business telecommunications when your business relocates

There’s a lot to consider when your business is relocating. From moving vans and connection of utilities to redirection of mail and address changes. But have you considered how to deal with your business telecommunications in the new location? It can get confusing trying to work out how to transfer your phone system, equipment, [...]

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Business telecommunications billing problems and poor customer service making you cranky? You’re not alone!

Have you felt frustrated or cranky in the past year with your business telecommunications? You’re not alone in being upset with poor customer service and billing problems. According to a recent Sydney Morning Herald article “Telco customers are becoming increasingly cranky about poor customer service, billing problems and how their grievances are handled, with [...]

Relocating your business?

Moving house can be stressful. It’s made even more so when your “house” is a company office with phones, internet, hardware and staff to relocate! The first thing to think about is when. It helps to have a firm relocation date planned. Some of our great Arrow services take longer to relocate than others, and [...]

Why choose a cloud-based phone system?

Let’s start the introduction in the conventional way. What is a cloud-based phone system? A cloud-based phone system is a system that is hosted on a secure data centre and is able to route calls through the internet to devices configured with the details. A cloud-based system delivers business-grade call features while eliminating the need [...]

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