There’s a lot to consider when your business is relocating. From moving vans and connection of utilities to redirection of mail and address changes. But have you considered how to deal with your business telecommunications in the new location?

It can get confusing trying to work out how to transfer your phone system, equipment, Internet, business IT and cloud computing when your business is relocating These 4 tips will ensure your business telecommunications run smoothly from day 1 in your new office.

1 Determine what you need in the new office location

Your business relocation is a great opportunity to consider if your current business telecommunications tools and services can be updated, improved or streamlined. From upgrading your out-dated phone system, handsets and equipment to getting better laptops and computers.

Arrow’s Turn Key Business Solutions with $0 upfront and affordable monthly payments gives your business a complete business telecommunications solution. And you can say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with multiple service providers and carriers because with Turn Key you deal with one Account Manager. With access to the best products and services in your area and our partnership with all major providers, your business telecommunications will be cost effective and streamlined.

2 Upgrade your business phone systems and go to the cloud

As the NBN network rolls out around Australia, businesses are switching from copper based services (including ISDN and PSTN) to cloud based services. If your business currently uses traditional ISDN and PSTN your business relocation may be a good opportunity to switch to different VoIP based voice services.

And if your business has legacy PBX hardware in your current location, it’s important to note that because of the NBN rollout, this will be defunct within 2 to 4 years. Your impending business relocation is a perfect opportunity to replace your PBX system with a cloud based phone solution or IP based voice services. Arrow Business Cloud Phone Solution removes the need to maintain and purchase PBX hardware. And with business-grade call features and no central hardware, your phones can be connected at any location and unified into an organisation-wide phone service.

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3 Have a disaster recovery and continuity plan

When you plan for your business relocation, particularly with business telecommunications, it’s important to minimise the risk of losing your valuable data.

We suggest you:

  • Have a business telecommunications disaster recovery plan.

  • Make several copies of important documents and storing them offsite.

  • Back your data up in a secure, offsite location.

  • Have additional equipment on hand (including monitors, handsets and laptops) to use if your current equipment fails.

  • Ensure your data connections are protected against service disruptions and/or outages.

Find out more about our business telecommunications disaster recovery solutions call us on 1300 542 142 today.

4 Download our FREE business relocation guide

To ease the stress with your office relocation we’ve put together a guide that provides lists of things you need to consider and useful checklists. Download our FREE business relocation checklist here

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