Business telecommunications billing problems and poor customer service making you cranky? You’re not alone!

Have you felt frustrated or cranky in the past year with your business telecommunications? You’re not alone in being upset with poor customer service and billing problems. According to a recent Sydney Morning Herald article “Telco customers are becoming increasingly cranky about poor customer service, billing problems and how their grievances are handled, with [...]

How to take the team with you on your next business trip – without blowing your budget!

Your team has been working hard on the proposal. Late nights and weekend work so your business has the best chance possible at winning the contract. Now it’s up to you to ‘bring the bacon’ home. You need to wow the prospective client with your presentation to win their work. On the Qantas Link flight [...]

Accounting Expo 2017: Innovative ICT solutions for the Accounting and Finance industry

In March, Arrow was a proud exhibitor at Australia’s innovative and biggest Accounting and Finance Expo. Accounting Business Expo 2017 offered a showcase of ICT and business solutions for accountants, finance directors, managing partners and CFO’s. During the 2-day Expo, 2,981 Accountancy professionals discovered new business models, technologies and solutions to improve workflow, increase profits [...]

What Are Pro Rata Charges?

If you need to know more, our friendly team is here to help. You may have heard of the term “pro rata” charges. These charges are one of the most commonly used terms in telecommunications billing, which can be frustrating as the charges are rarely explained. However, over the [...]

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Why use one company for all your Telecommunication and IT needs?

There are numerous advantages to using a company that can manage both your Telecommunications and IT. Convenience, cost, time and efficiency are all vastly improved, by taking this approach to business. Many companies are now starting to opt for this all-in one solution. Let’s find out why. Convenience When you have everything under the one [...]

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