The way we communicate is continually evolving. Many Australian businesses are now finding themselves at a crossroads, with the decommissioning of older technologies such as PSTN and ISDN. Cloud PBX is the way forward and offers significant advantages for all businesses.

Perhaps you are at these crossroads yourself, faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of migrating and upgrading your business communications. We hear you! The good news is that migrating to cloud VoIP communications is actually a lot simpler than you think.

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What are VoIP and PBX Systems?

Let’s get started with the basics. Telecommunications, like many industries, is rife with acronyms and jargon that can often serve to confuse. To save you any further Googling, below is a rundown of the key terms you might come across as you do your research.

  • VoIP: stands for voice over internet protocol. VoIP can provide voice communications over the internet. Business VoIP is a phone system setup that allows for professional and business grade calls over the internet. Business VoIP also allows for other very useful functionality like conferencing and voicemail

  • Hosted VoIP: All your phone hardware and setup is managed offsite by a service provider, and is hosted in the cloud.
  • PBX: stands for private branch exchange, a business telephone network.

  • Analog PBX: uses copper based telephone lines (currently being decommissioned)

  • On Premise PBX: Uses VoIP but the hardware is housed, maintained and managed onsite, usually by an IT department

  • Hosted PBX: All your phone hardware and setup is managed offsite by a service provider, and is hosted in the cloud.

VoIP and Cloud Phones for Business – The Benefits

You may feel familiar and comfortable with your traditional PBX phone setup, but there are so many benefits on offer from a hosted VoIP phone solution. Traditional phone systems are expensive to maintain, and the flexibility to upgrade and scale up when needed is cumbersome, time-consuming and not friendly on the hip pocket.

Businesses are not operating in a predictable world. The ability to be nimble and adapt quickly to the changing business environment is now more important than ever, providing that all important and sought after competitive advantage. A hosted cloud PBX setup can provide you with all this and more.

Some of the key advantages to migrating to a hosted VoIP solution are:

  • Reduction in capital expenditure with no expensive onsite hardware to maintain
  • Upgrades are automatically done for you
  • Can scale to your business needs when it’s required, simply and seamlessly
  • A wide range of business boosting functionality will be at your fingertips, including voicemail, conferencing, collaboration, call reporting, analytics, virtual reception and CRM integration
  • You can access your phone service across all devices including deskphone, mobile, computer and tablet

Where do I Start With Migrating to VoIP and the Cloud?

If you’ve done your research and are now ready to take the next step to a hosted cloud VoIP solution, where do you start?

You could spend time going down the rabbit hole of individual providers, looking at what each offers and contacting multiple companies. The alternative is you can contact Arrow as we have partnered with leaders in the field including Avaya, 8×8 and Mitel. We’re not tied to any one brand or solution, only what is best for your business.

How do we do it?

  • Our experienced engineers will review your network health and readiness for VoIP
  • After your health check is complete, we’ll match your needs and network capabilities to the best solution

You’ll also have 24/7 Australian support in addition to a dedicated account manager and expert installation and training, so you’ll be able to utilise the full potential of your new setup.

Partnered With The Best Cloud VoIP Providers

Arrow have taken the time to carefully evaluate what is being offered in the market. To that end, we only partner with proven top tier leaders in the cloud and unified communications field. The best VoIP solution providers that we partner with include: