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What all businesses need to know about the NBN

You’re feeling pretty excited because you’ve just checked out the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll out map. The rebuilding of the Telstra copper network from scratch has taken a while. And finally your street is getting the NBN connection! With over 800,000 Australians connected to the NBN, and an estimated 2.5 million more being connected [...]

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These 4 types of broadband can give your business the competitive edge you’ve been looking for

Have you ever thought about how often you and your family access the Internet? Downloading the latest season of SUITS from iTunes, sorting out your playlist on Spotify, your kids watching Frozen on the iPad – again! There’s not much we do that doesn’t require access to the Internet. Have you wondered how you get [...]

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What is the NBN and is it available at my site?

The NBN – or National Broadband Network – is a national wholesale-only, open-access data network. The Australian government’s communications website states that it will, “give all Australians access to very fast broadband over fixed lines, wireless or via satellite.” The site says there will be various ways that the NBN will be delivered. The current [...]

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Why choose a cloud-based phone system?

Let’s start the introduction in the conventional way. What is a cloud-based phone system? A cloud-based phone system is a system that is hosted on a secure data centre and is able to route calls through the internet to devices configured with the details. A cloud-based system delivers business-grade call features while eliminating the need [...]