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Accounting Expo 2017: Innovative ICT solutions for the Accounting and Finance industry

In March, Arrow was a proud exhibitor at Australia’s innovative and biggest Accounting and Finance Expo. Accounting Business Expo 2017 offered a showcase of ICT and business solutions for accountants, finance directors, managing partners and CFO’s. During the 2-day Expo, 2,981 Accountancy professionals discovered new business models, technologies and solutions to improve workflow, increase profits [...]

How ICT reduces operating costs and increases productivity for accounting firms

For the last few months, you’ve been noticing radio and TV ads for cloud computing, web and video conferencing and efficient Internet services. You know you need to find out more about information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. Your competitors are using ICT in their accounting firms and accounts department, and they’ve improved their efficiencies. [...]

The real business benefits of video conferencing

As you stretch after your morning jog, you think about your workday. Interviewing three prospective Accountants, a weekly meeting with your Marketing Manager, followed by the Marketing team video conference. You smile to yourself as you remember the ‘olden days’ of video and phone conferencing? The lines always dropped out, audio clarity varied and the [...]

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4 Ways remote working adds value to your business while keeping your team happy!

What does a productive, profitable business look like to you? Do you picture an office where all your employees are at their desks? In 2017, remote working technologies mean that a few empty desks in your office isn’t a sign that your employees are ‘pulling a sickie’ or ‘slacking off’! We live in a world [...]

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How do web conferencing systems actually work?

Traditional training dictates that you sit in the same room as the presenter while the presenter draws on the black/whiteboard as he/she, for lack of a better word, presents. This method certainly has its merits but it is quite limited in the sense that attendees physically need to be at the conference. As our days [...]

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