/4 Ways remote working adds value to your business while keeping your team happy!

4 Ways remote working adds value to your business while keeping your team happy!

What does a productive, profitable business look like to you? Do you picture an office where all your employees are at their desks? In 2017, remote working technologies mean that a few empty desks in your office isn’t a sign that your employees are ‘pulling a sickie’ or ‘slacking off’!

We live in a world where increasing home Internet and mobile speeds means you don’t have to be at the office to take care of work related tasks. It’s a win/win for your business and your employees. Your business will grow and your employees can enjoy the flexibility of working from wherever they choose.

1. Good communication can drive your business growth

Good communication in your business creates a more cohesive team, improved efficiency and increased customer service levels. Picking the right communication tool is key. Email communication is good for sharing data, project updates and information sharing. Phone communication is effective for solving challenges or brainstorming ideas. Video conferencing communication is a perfect solution when several people need to discuss issues and challenges or share news.

2. Less commuting time for your employee’s improves productivity

You’re on the way to work and the morning traffic report has already put a dent in your day. Gridlock and traffic accidents will make your commute three times as long. And then you think of your employees who will also be stuck in traffic – what time will they roll into work today?

Using remote working technologies can ease this morning commute headache though. Picture this, your staff wake up and hear that the traffic is horrible – but no stress! Working from home can give you the competitive edge your business is looking for.

3. Boost your employee’s well-being and productivity

A flexible working environment doesn’t mean that your employees are lounging around in their pyjamas, eating ice cream and watching Netflix. Studies have shown that employees who use remote working technologies are more productive, healthier and better motivated than office workers.

And with more time in their workday, employees who use remote working technologies are more likely to incorporate physical exercise into their day. After all, with less commuting time, they’ve got more time to get to the gym or walk the dog. Whether it’s fewer interruptions from colleagues or more time to focus on getting their work done – it’s sounding good!

4. A happy and loyal team can boost your business growth

You’ve heard about the ‘entitled’ generations of new employees. They want to work when they want, where they want. And it may get your hackles up – after all, you got a job and never thought of questioning the required working hours.

But in 2017 your competitive edge will come from having loyal employee’s who are motivated to service your clients. An interesting thing will happen when you give your employees the ability to customise their working day to suit their home life. They’ll become loyal and grateful that they’re working in your business, resulting in decreased staff turnover and improved productivity.

To find out how remote working technologies can drive your business growth while keeping your employees happy, call us on 1300 858 291.

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