The finance industry, including banking, insurance, accounting and stockbroking firms, faces unique and complex challenges, including regulatory and stringent security requirements.

Deloitte has released its 2019 Banking Industry Outlook, that outlines key trends occurring in the financial services sector. They identify the challenge when faced with a complicated mix of systems, platforms, tools and software, which can be addressed through upgrading and replacing legacy systems and migrating to the cloud.

They also discuss the changing nature of client demand and the importance of a customer centric approach. New engagement models are needed that address these increasingly more sophisticated requirements.

So, how do finance businesses continue to meet and exceed the growing and evolving needs of customers and the industry? This is where a purpose built unified communications solution comes in.

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A Secure Network Infrastructure

The finance sector manages very sensitive information including transactions, agreements, account information and more. This information needs to be kept secure, available and accurate. Any unified communications setup needs to be built on a reliable and secure network with built in redundancy, proactive data protection and security monitoring.

Engaging Customers

Omni Channel Engagement

Put simply, omni channel engagement allows financial services customers to interact with a business / organisation in the way that suits them best, at a particular point in time. This could be via phone, online, mobile app, text, instant messaging and chat.

Customers now demand that their financial providers be available to them, when and where the need arises. This might be acting on share prices or dealing with an urgent financial requirement. Providing a choice of touchpoints offers a flexibility that is very attractive to customers. A seamless transition between channels also allows for valuable insights and data into customer engagement.

Business App Integrations

Cloud phone system integration with leading business apps and CRMs allows for staff to stay focused on the customer. It saves time and enhances productivity, as all the information they need for a successful and quality interaction is at their fingertips.

Cloud Contact Centre

A cloud contact centre allows financial service businesses to optimise the customer experience. It allows businesses to keep on top of call volume, so calls are not missed or misrouted. Skills based routing pairs the customer with the most appropriate and skilled agent for their enquiry type. Real-time monitoring of call agents allows for ongoing coaching, mentoring and improvement of call handling and processes.

Video and Collaboration Services

High definition video and web conferencing extend the geographic reach of financial services businesses, providing a more personal method of customer communication. Add in screen and file sharing as well to maximise each interaction.

Simplify and Consolidate Business Applications

A Unified communications solution allows employees to engage and collaborate with each other, creating a cohesive and optimally performing team.

The ability to break down barriers and complexities, through the unification of communication channels into one organised and searchable workspace, allows for more meaningful interactions, between staff and with customers. This is possible through embedding communications across business-critical applications, that include CRM, helpdesk and productivity apps.

This consolidation provides the basis for valuable communications data and intelligence, making smart data driven decision making possible.

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