/The 5 Business IT Essentials all successful Australian Businesses have

The 5 Business IT Essentials all successful Australian Businesses have

It doesn’t matter what size of business you have. Information Technology (IT) including Wi-Fi, data security, 24/7 support and backup solutions play an important role in your business success. Having reliable and secure IT not only helps your business stay competitive, it safeguards you from viruses and the potential of being hacked. Here are 5 ways our IT business essentials can improve your business success.

1. Reduce IT spending by outsourcing

Daily management of your IT can be a time consuming task. Outsourcing your IT to a locally based business gives you the support, time and headspace to focus on achieving your business goals. Arrow Business Essentials gives your business the managed IT support you’ve been looking for. Our IT support is flexible (remote, on-site and after hours) and affordable.

We offer:

  • Fast response and seamless escalation
  • Security and back up auditing
  • Detailed monthly monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring of equipment and PC performance
  • Flexible support packages with banking feature
  • Hardware and software procurement

2. Outsourcing your IT gives you increased focus on your core business

In most businesses, IT is a support function – not necessarily a core skill. While an internal IT department may be appropriate for multi-nationals, for small-medium businesses, the investment may not be worthwhile. And even if you do invest money in your IT department, they may not have the best skills to help your business maintain the competitive edge you demand.

With many businesses today needing 24/7 IT support and guaranteed service levels, depending on your internal IT department can be frustrating. Arrow provides an all-in-one IT security service that is fully managed 24/7 locally with remote monitoring and updates, guaranteed service levels and total data protection.

3. Access to the latest IT technology and industry experts

When you outsource your business IT essentials to Arrow you can trust that our employees are highly trained, experienced and certified. From virus updates and patching your software system, to backing up and ensuring your IT is secure and safe.

We have the office equipment and hardware support expertise to suit all sizes of Australian businesses. From modems or routers, to mobile phones and desktops. Call our friendly and helpful consultants on 1300 858 291 to find out about our tailored business packages.

4. Reduce your IT business risk with secure back up solutions

Are you concerned about whether outsourcing business IT is secure? We understand how you feel and will protect anything and restore anywhere. Since 2002, our years of experience and expertise in IT has helped thousands of small, medium and large Australian businesses.

From a temporary project that needs more attention to an ongoing month-by-month project. Our back up solutions reduces the risk of IT disruption and minimises the risk of downtime. Find out how we can help your business stay safe, contact us here

5. Outsourced cloud providers can give your business the edge

If your business uses Wi-Fi and the cloud, it must be secure. We deliver secure business cloud solutions to small, medium and large sized businesses. Our single controller runs in the cloud and is able to manage multiple sites, maps, statistics, guest portals, administrator and read/write only accounts. Arrow Business Essentials Wi-Fi Solution also gives your business:

  • Firewall protection
  • Controller software
  • Convenient VLAN support
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) server
  • QoS for enterprise VoIP

Arrow Business Essentials delivers a seamless and reliable experience for business owners, managers and your users alike. Call our friendly, locally based consultants on 1300 858 291.

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