Mobile phones form a crucial part of any successful business communications setup. Essential for hybrid and remote work, they allow collaboration, access to CRMs, and much more.

While mobile phone tech has come a long way, it’s worth examining some of the more recent mobile plan features ideal for businesses with a larger size mobile subscriber base.

let’s take a look at two great value-added mobile plan features you should seek out from your provider; data banking and data sharing.

Data Banking / Rollover

Data banking or data rollover is a feature that allows you to retain any unused data from your monthly data allowance and roll this into the next monthly billing cycle.

This is a great option if your data requirements are variable and you want a little extra data ‘up your sleeve’.

This setup will reduce the risk of any unexpected excess data fees, as higher usage months are offset by times of lighter use.

Data Sharing / Pooling

Data Sharing (also known as data pooling) is a feature that is ideal for businesses with a larger number of mobile subscribers.

Mobile subscribers in a business who are enrolled in data sharing can contribute/donate their data allowance to other colleagues also enrolled in data sharing.

This setup enables businesses to take advantage of their mobile user base, where there may be low data users and high data users in the sharing ‘pool’.

Mobile data sharing diagram


  • Takes away the need to put all mobile subscribers on high data plans, thereby reducing overall costs
  • The aforementioned lower data users can access the larger overall pool of shared data if they need it on occasion.
  • Usage limits can be set for individuals so they don’t use significantly more than their data plan allows for

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