Every day medium and large businesses have to deal with the pressure and demands to perform faster, smarter and more efficiently. As a result of technological advances, your employees can connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world using different devices. Because collaboration and communication tools are making it easy to connect globally in multiple locations, many medium and large businesses are starting to re-evaluate how they operate.

With more employees working remotely or from home the shift to mobile and virtual office options is gaining popularity. But a virtual office isn’t possible if you don’t have fast Internet speed, cloud file back up and sharing, mobile technology and online collaboration tools.

Why your business needs the virtual office

Medium and large businesses around the world are discovering the value of the virtual office. By emulating a physical office environment, the virtual office provides employees with the equipment, tools and communication solutions to effectively perform their jobs. So why should your business consider the virtual office?

By being able to work from anywhere, anytime on any device your employees’ productivity and efficiency increases. And while your physical office spaces may still exist, the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere can improve work/life balance and job satisfaction. Less time spent commuting or getting stuck in traffic jams can also improve productivity while reducing stress.

Working at different locations, remotely or from home has major benefits, but it’s vital that your employees can communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently. While conference calls may still have their place, they’re not also the best way to stay connected with your workforce. Audio conferencing can be convenient but call dropouts, noise issues and the inability to focus on the call because of no visual aids is often challenging.

For medium and large businesses the best practice solution for collaboration and communication is to use video conferencing.

Unlike audio conferencing, video conferencing provides essential visual cues necessary for collaboration and communication. And by using state-of-the-art technology the audio and video quality makes it feel like you’re in the same room.

Like to reduce the amount of time and money your business spends on traveling to meetings? Video conferencing allows for easy collaboration without leaving the office. For medium or large businesses with multiple offices in different locations and time zones, meetings and catch-ups become a breeze.

Arrow Voice 1Click Conferencing is an all in one collaboration and communication solution that gives your medium or large business the ability to easily record and share content. Using HD video and audio, up to 125 participants worldwide can communicate with content and presentations. 1Click Conferencing uses future proof technology that can be used for face-to-face meetings, recruitment interviews or training. Benefits of 1Click Conferencing for your medium or large business include:

  • The ability to collaborate and connect immediately with up to 125 participants at multiple locations
  • Small team collaboration available for 5 parties using Arrow Huddle which includes HD 1080p, 10 x Zoom and remote pan tilt zoom camera feature and 43” HD Smart TV with wall mount installation (55” and 65” TV’s also available)
  • Stronger relationships between team members, clients and stakeholders
  • Reduced costs of national and international travel

Find out how video conferencing can be tailored to your medium or large business to improve your business collaboration and communication.

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The best Virtual Office mobile app for medium and large businesses

With all medium and large businesses using smart phones, it’s important that this essential communication tool is used to improve productivity and efficiency. One of the best ways to ensure your team is as productive away from the office as when they’re at the desk is to use a mobile app.
8×8’s Virtual Office unified mobile app offers unparalleled capabilities to communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime. Suitable for iOS and Android devices 8×8’s Virtual Office mobile app harnesses the power of the cloud to make and receive secure business calls wherever you are. And with the ability to participate in online meetings, you can use a business or mobile phone number that displays your office phone number Caller ID.

Other benefits of 8×8 Virtual Office mobile app include:

  • Saving on international roaming charges
  • The flexibility to use Wi-Fi, cellular data or cellular voice plans
  • One button access to auto-attendant and conference bridge
  • Making 3-way calls
  • Never missing calls as they simultaneously ring on your mobile phone, desk phone, PC or Mac
  • Use *88 to switch from desk phone to iPhone or softphone during a live call without anyone noticing

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The best way your virtual office can store and share files

If your medium or large business has employees who work from home, on the road or remotely, it’s vital to consider how files are shared, stored and backed up. And while protecting and securing your business data is vital, it’s also crucial to ensure data can be accessed securely and synced across all devices anywhere in the world. One of the best ways you can prepare your business for an increase in workplace mobility is to use cloud file back up, collaboration and sharing.

Medium and large businesses have discovered the benefits of using Auto task Workplace™. This cloud file sharing and backup solution offers security and balance of IT control. With easy set up and go user experience, mobile collaboration becomes seamless. Other benefits of Auto task Workplace™ file syncing and sharing business solution include:

  • IT management complete control and visibility over all activity
  • Being able to quickly access and share your files
  • Managing team and individual access to files and directories
  • Total device management with remote wipe, review activity and team membership

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How to get the best medium and large business virtual office solutions

State of the art technology and unified communication solutions are challenging and changing the way medium and large businesses are run. Virtual office solutions are shifting the traditional ways of working to a more collaborative way of working.

Since 2002, Arrow has helped thousands of Australian businesses with virtual office solutions. As one of Australia’s largest privately owned telecommunications companies we seamlessly deliver future proof virtual office solutions for medium to large businesses.

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