As you stretch after your morning jog, you think about your workday. Interviewing three prospective Accountants, a weekly meeting with your Marketing Manager, followed by the Marketing team video conference.

You smile to yourself as you remember the ‘olden days’ of video and phone conferencing? The lines always dropped out, audio clarity varied and the close, awkward huddle around the speaker so you could be heard. Fast-forward to today and you actually enjoy video conferences!

No more worrying about important information being misheard, no need to get up close and personal around one speaker. No wonder more and more Australian businesses are using video conferencing to increase their productivity.

Business video conferencing benefit 1: Improve productivity and save money

When you use video conferencing, you won’t need to drive or fly to meet your clients or colleagues with every single meeting. Our clear video and audio will help you stay in touch and share important information.

And you’ll be able to save your travel budget for the high profile, important face-to-face meetings. Less travel is also good for the environment. Recent studies indicate that one hour of driving can use the same electrical power as 1,000 hours of video conferencing.

Business video conferencing benefit 2: Improved work life balance

Regular business travel by car or plane can be exhausting. From getting up earlier to catch the flight, to being stuck in traffic jams. Add in regularly cancelled flights and the days spent away from home. No wonder more and more businesses are choosing to use video conferencing!
By reducing the need to travel you can help your team maintain a healthy work life balance. Fewer hours traveling means they’ll have more time to exercise, catch up with their friends and family and get rest before their workday.

Business video conferencing benefit 3: Keeping your team connected

With more and more businesses offering remote working options, it can be hard to stay connected with team members. Video conferencing enables your business to keep track of your team and check in to see how they’re going. Add in the ability to connect employees and teams in different offices and you’ve got the perfect solution to talk, get immediate feedback and share information.

Business video conferencing benefit 4: Share important business information face to face

Remember that important phone conversation where you just wanted to see their face? Observing body language and being able to see someone’s facial expressions is a crucial part of business communication. Video conferencing lets you show yourself and see others. Seeing someone as they talk to you can mean the difference between business deals going well or not so well.

The benefits of our video conferencing solutions for our clients include:

• Effective, clear communication from anywhere in the world. Our audio is so rich and clear; you’ll think you’re in the same room as the meeting attendees!
• Minimising travel and infrastructure expenses
• Sharing video, content and presentations.

Find out how video conferencing can improve communication and add value to your business. Our video conferencing packages can be tailored to suit any business budget. Call us on 1300 542 142.