Do you want your medium or large business to grow and stay competitive? If so, you’ll need to make sure that you adapt the products and services you offer as you upgrade your business communication tools. The latest technological advances can help your business increase profits and productivity, improve collaboration and reduce costs. But the plethora of choices with business communication tools can make it hard to work out which ones best suit medium and large businesses.

Collaboration platforms need to be functional and have modern and intuitive interfaces. For 2018 and beyond we suggest you consider the following 4 communication tools:

  1. CRM integration to the cloud more »
  2. Virtual Office Apps more »
  3. Cloud file back up sharing and collaboration more »
  4. Video conferencing more »

How CRM integration increases your business success

To manage your medium to large business effectively, you know that using a customer relationship management (CRM) system is critical. With valuable information about business relationships and customers, the data and information gives you valuable insights. But if your CRM isn’t cloud-based, the lags with real-time knowledge and analytics may impact on your business efficiency and productivity.
The benefits of moving your CRM on-premise software to the cloud include:

  • Not needing to install CRM software on every device across your organisation
  • Real-time, automatically synced information
  • Reduced costs with scalability and productivity

For medium and large businesses 8×8 makes moving their CRM to the cloud seamless and easy. Improve workflows and boost productivity by connecting your sales, marketing, customer service and support, HR and finance to the cloud. 8×8 easily integrates the most popular CRM software to the cloud including:

  • Salesforce
  • Netsuite
  • Zendesk
  • Act!
  • Outlook, Gmail and Exchange
  • Skype
  • Office 365

Cut costs, increase productivity and keep your competitive edge. To find out how we can easily move your CRM to the cloud, call us on 1300 542 142.

How to stay productive on the go and outside the office

With more people working from home or remotely, it’s important your team is as productive on the go as in the office. To manage your medium and large business communications from anywhere, it’s important that your phone system has the features you need now and in the future.

8×8’s Virtual Office mobile app https://www.8× for iOS and Android devices ensures you and your team will be as productive on the go as in the office. By harnessing the power of the cloud, you’ll be able to make and receive secure business calls wherever you are. If you’re working remotely or from home, you can easily participate in online meetings. And with the ability to use either your business or personal mobile number your Caller ID can display your office phone number.

Other business benefits of 8×8 Virtual Office mobile app include:

  • The flexibility to use Wi-Fi, cellular data or cellular voice plans
  • Saving on international roaming charges
  • Never missing calls because they simultaneously ring on your desk phone, mobile phone, PC or Mac
  • One button access to auto-attendant and conference bridge
  • Use *88 to switch from desk phone to iPhone or softphone during a live call without anyone noticing
  • Making 3-way calls

Find out how to get 8×8 Virtual Office phone extensions on the go here »

Cloud file back up, sharing and collaboration

Has your medium or large business kept pace with the numbers of employees who work remotely or at home? One way to ensure your business is prepared for an increase in workplace mobility is with cloud file back up, sharing and collaboration

A recent study found that,

“Despite the increasing use of mobility and remote business file access by the business user, organisations are not responding as rapidly with strategies to protect business data. Furthermore, the majority of business IT organisations are not providing users with the enabling mobile and remote business file sharing technologies they need to get their jobs done effectively.” But perhaps more alarmingly was the revelation that the “the average business user is not concerned about protecting the security of their business’ information. This presents increasing challenges for businesses that want to protect critical company information from data loss or leakage.”

So how can your employees securely access business files from anywhere, anytime from any device? Autotask Workplace™ is a cloud file backup and file sharing solution that offers security and balance of IT control and easy set up and go user experience for mobile collaboration.

Features of Autotask Workplace™ file syncing and sharing business solution include:

  • Being able to quickly access and share your files
  • IT management complete control and visibility over all activity
  • Total device management with remote wipe, review activity and team membership
  • Managing team and individual access to files and directories

Arrow has helped thousands of Australian businesses with their cloud file back up, sharing and collaboration . Find out how we can help your business, call us on 1300 542 142.

Top benefits of video conferencing for your business

Over the past few years video conferencing has become a go-to technology for medium and large businesses. With more employees working from home and remotely, real-time, face-to-face communications are essential for business success. And while emails and phone conference calls are effective, they can result in delays, misunderstandings and feelings of disconnection. By being able to replicate nearly all facets of communication, video conferencing fosters positive working relationships and camaraderie leading improved collaborative solutions.

1Click Conferencing is an all in one communication and collaboration solution that gives you the ability to easily record and share content via HD video and audio, content and presentations for up to 125 participants worldwide. Using state of the art technology, you’ll be able to see and interact with others as if they’re in the same room as you. And with up to 93% of communication being non-verbal, your business collaboration and communication becomes less complicated and more effective. Read our customer case studies on how 1Click Conferencing has transformed business communication here

Top uses for 1Click Conferencing include remote training, face-to-face meetings with team members and customers and recruitment interviews. Other benefits of 1Click Conferencing are:

  • Increased productivity due to fewer meeting delays, less time spent traveling and better structured, more focused meetings
  • Stronger relationships between team members, clients and stakeholders
  • Reduced costs of national and international travel
  • The ability to connect and collaborate immediately with multiple locations