We’ve all had to adapt to the changing needs of customers, who now expect a seamless and frictionless experience with your organisation.

Coupled with the challenge of remote and hybrid workers, how can you maintain high levels of customer service, improve productivity and efficiency, bring new customers to your business, and boost your bottom line?

On the face of it, this would seem somewhat of a challenge, to put it mildly! Certainly not insurmountable, but enough to make most of us feel a tad overwhelmed.

Here’s some good news though – it’s all possible through integrating your phone system and contact centre with your CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. It’s a technology that allows a business to connect and consolidate all customer and potential customer data and interactions in one place. Your team can access this important data to stay connected with customers, provide excellent and timely customer service, and close business deals with confidence.

The purpose of a CRM is to improve customer and business partner relationships, boost employee productivity and collaboration, and drive business growth.

The way we work has changed

A recent Groove study* looked at 2022 B2B sales trends and found:
  • 46% of companies are not planning a full return to the office
  • 33% of enterprise sales teams are currently hybrid vs 22% pre-pandemic
  • Field reps cite accessing and updating CRM platforms, and scheduling follow-up meetings as top challenges
This data highlights how crucial it is for organisations to extend the value and power of their CRM platform to their hybrid employees, who need to be able to access important customer information from anywhere and on any device.

Customer Experience

Customer expectations have evolved, and the increased use of technology in our daily lives brings with it a desire for immediacy in our interactions with businesses. Customers want to connect with your business in the way they want, and on what channel works for them.

According to a Global Consumer Trends in 2022 report from Qualtrics*, consumers are looking for better experiences in 2022. If businesses don’t adapt, they risk losing revenue.

Some key takeaways trends from this report are:

  • Consumers are no longer tolerant of bad experiences, and in 2022 even loyal customers won’t hesitate to walk if they have a bad experience or the business does not meet their expectations
  • 8 out of 10 people believe that businesses need to improve their customer experience
  • Two-thirds of consumers think companies are not up to scratch when it comes to listening to and acting on their feedback
  • Customers don’t want to feel like a number. 60% say that businesses need to care more for them, and will spend money when they feel valued

Bringing it all together

Integrating your phone system, contact centre and CRM will ensure that your staff have the tools they need to deliver a customer experience that will boost conversions and retain loyal clients.
Some of the many advantages of phone system / CRM integration include:
  • Access to a CRM at any time and from anywhere – ideal for hybrid and remote employees
  • Tracking automation means crucial info like call date and time, caller name and location is entered automatically.
  • Real-time and instant customer info available when making and receiving calls
  • Record, store, and retrieve conversations with customers
  • Improved conversion rates for potential customers
  • Data analytics that provides insights into when and how to engage with customers
  • Productivity improvement with intelligent call routing and automatic dialling

How to get started

You’re convinced that integrating your phone system and CRM is the way to go, so what now?
  • Conduct a needs analysis: Time to look at your organisation as a whole and assess your communications strategy, including areas for improvement and your business goals
  • Look for a cloud phone provider and partner that can:

  • Integrate with your preferred CRM platform

  • Transition your phone system to the cloud if you are using an on-premises system
  • Ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption with tools that are simple to use, on a platform that is scalable and flexible

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Photo by Mikhail Nilov – Pexels