Ready to set aside work and business worries for a few days? The Easter long weekend is when many people plan a short holiday. It’s a time to get away from the office, relax with friends and family and have some fun.

As you spread butter on your hot cross buns and enjoy your Easter eggs, projects, clients and deadlines will be the last thing on your mind! But what if something happened over the Easter break that needed to be addressed – right away? If you need to contact key team members quickly and with the least amount of fuss possible, we recommend these telecommunications solutions.

Arrow 1Click Conferencing

Need to talk to your business associates urgently over the Easter break? Our 1Click Conferencing takes the stress out of having ad-hoc meetings. Scheduling and starting meetings is as simple as sending a calendar invite.

With a click of a web link, you will be taken into your customised cloud meeting room. Arrow 1Click Conferencing gives meeting attendees the option to view the meeting or to participate with two way video. A perfect solution for team members who are in Easter holiday mode in their beach gear!

Arrow Twinning phone solution

Our Twinning phone solution gives you the ability to use a mobile or home phone external to your business to receive and make calls. When your desk phone rings, so does your ‘twin’ phone. We can set twinning up so any calls you make from your mobile or home phone, comes up as your business phone number on the recipients phone.

Having the right business telecommunications in place can help you stay connected with your team, efficiently respond to your clients and effectively handle any business problem.

We hope you have a relaxing Easter long weekend. To find out how our telecommunications solutions can help your business stay connected, call us on 1300 542 142.