Want to reduce your business telecommunication costs for the new financial year? With the end of financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, here are 3 ways to save your business money in the new financial year.

1. Arrow Turn Key package

Want to start the new financial year with big savings? For a limited time only, your business can take advantage of our Turn Key Phone System offer.

And with a choice of 12 months free antivirus and patch management, or 12 months free 1 Click Conferencing this limited offer will have your business kicking goals.

Wondering what bonus your business should choose?

BONUS 1 Arrow Turn Key Package: 12 months free anti virus protection

Our Guardian Anti-Virus and Automated Protection gives you 12 months free protection against viruses and malware. This bonus will suit your business if you want:

  • Peace of mind with your virus and malware protection, and

  • Industry experts to monitor your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

BONUS 2 Arrow Turn Key Package: 12 months free 1Click Conferencing

Our 1Click Conferencing will turn your meeting room into a collaborative workspace using video, audio and web conferencing. This bonus would be perfect for your business if you want to:

Find out more about Arrow 1Click Conferencing here

  • Improve your communication with your team, clients and colleagues, and
  • Reduce travel costs.

2. Use Arrow ICT Solutions to reduce operating costs and increase productivity

Looking to skyrocket your business results in 2017/2018 financial year? Having a strong information and communication technology (ICT) strategy is vital to competitive survival and business success.

Arrow ICT solutions have created flow benefits for thousands of Australian businesses.

Our tailored packages include:

3. Use one company for all business telecommunication needs

If want your business to cut costs and improve efficiencies in the new financial year, it may be time to use one company for all your business telecommunication needs.

So why are thousands of Australian businesses already doing this? Here are some reasons worth considering:

  • Reduced business costs:

    When you use one company for your phones, Internet, conferencing and IT, they bundle the services together and negotiate the best deal possible.

  • Convenience:

    With all your business telecommunications under one account, you’ll enjoy just one point of contact for all your business needs. And one point of contact means you can say goodbye to the frustrations of multiple contacts for phone, Internet and IT.

  • One Company, One Account Manager:

    With one account manager for all your business telecommunications, your business efficiency soars. And because your Arrow account manager knows your business so well, they can resolve any issue in a fraction of the time.

Find out more about Arrow Turn Key business telecommunications solutions here.

Want to find out more about how our massive EOFY savings for your business telecommunications?

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