Want the best business communication package that doesn’t break the budget? Before you sign up for cheap deals with different suppliers or buy your own handsets and equipment, picture this…

You’re just about to start an important video conference but the equipment isn’t working. After you find the supplier details, you get placed on hold and then transferred to an overseas call centre… but then the call gets cut off!

Trying not to get anxious, you put ‘Plan B’ in place – a phone conference call. The numbers are dialed and the meeting is going well, until the phone handset develops a buzzing noise.

With your PA on the phone to the handset supplier trying to get the issue solved, you apologize to the client and call them back on a different handset. But then things get worse!

They tell you they can’t hear you clearly and to reschedule the meeting when ‘your business communications are clear and reliable’. You don’t need to struggle with multiple service providers and carriers anymore. Arrow Turn Key solution gives thousands of Australian small to medium businesses a complete business communications solution.

Worried about upfront costs and huge bills? We offer $0 upfront and tailor our packages with affordable monthly payments. By partnering with all the major providers, your business gets access to the best services and products including:

• The latest VOIP or PBX phone systems, and
• The best broadband service for your location

Arrow Turn Key Solutions keeps business communications simple and affordable. We offer scalable packages to accommodate your evolving business requirements. From start-up to a service upgrade or a brand new solution. With one Account Manager, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of dealing with different providers and suppliers.

We know how frustrating it is if technology doesn’t work – there’s a repair bill and down time while technicians try to work out why the equipment failed. Clients tell us that one of the best things about our Turn Key Solutions is HOT SWAP.

HOT SWAP gives you peace of mind that your technology will always in be top working order. If your equipment or handsets suffer a failure, we’ll replace it – at no additional cost!

Our Turn Key business communication solution includes:

• Installation
• Maintenance
• 100% local support – get your problem fixed by calling one local number
• Tailored package to support your business success
• All services included on 1 bill
• $0 money upfront

Find out how you can get the best business communication solutions in Australia.

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