It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, efficient and cost effective business telecommunications is crucial to your business success. But if your business phone system uses PSTN or ISDN it’s time to consider replacing it with a cloud based phone system.

Why are PSTN and ISDN being phased out?

The arrival of the NBN network means that voice services which run over the copper based network will be switched to data and broadband services. This means that PSTN and ISDN will be phased out within 2-4 years.

If your business uses traditional PSTN and ISDN, you will need to switch to different VoIP based voice services. And if have legacy PBX hardware your business will need to replace it with a PBX system that is compatible with a cloud based phone solution or IP based voice services.

Arrow Business Cloud Phone Solution offers a virtual PBX and eliminates the need to purchase and maintain PBX hardware. Our cloud phone system delivers calls that have PBX functionality without the expense of PBX systems! With no central hardware and business-grade call features, your phones can be connected at any location and unified into an organisation-wide phone service.

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How much does a cloud based business phone system cost?

Because a cloud based phone system doesn’t use traditional phone lines there are no line rental fees. And with your calls being delivered via the cloud at much lower rates, your business saves even more money.

Which cloud phone solution is right for your business?

Arrow’s Cloud Telephony solution for Business is a business grade PBX and Unified Communications solution that suits all business sizes. Hosted in our secure cloud environment, Arrow Cloud Telephony delivers one simple solution to connect employees in your offices, working at home, on the road or remotely.

Our cloud based phone systems offer functionality and options for businesses that want to cut costs while getting the best features available. From a start-up with a two-line cloud based system to a business that is growing and has multiple locations. Our cloud based phone systems easily and efficiently grows with you.

Want to get more from your business phone system?

Arrow Business Cloud Phone Solution provides a simple to deploy future-proof solution that can easily scale as your business grows. If your business has multiple office locations, our multi-site networking with free on-net calls and no line rental makes communication a breeze!

And with Arrow business cloud phones solutions, you can say goodbye to expensive maintenance and repair bills. With Arrow HOT SWAP, if any of your handsets or equipment suffers a failure, we’ll replace it at no additional cost to your business.

Other benefits of Arrow Business Cloud Phone Solution include:

  • NBN compatible

  • 24/7 locally based customer support

  • Considerable savings on your phone bill

  • One number for multiple devices including iPhone, Android, Mac and PC

Find out more about how moving from PSTN and ISDN to the cloud can cut costs and improve your business communication. Call our friendly and helpful Arrow Consultants on 1300 542 142 today.