Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Time again to get your business ready for the hectic holiday season, in readiness for a new decade!

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Read on for our top tips to stay on top of your holiday preparations and some business-boosting suggestions for 2020!

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1. Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Time to start planning ahead and organise:

  • Setup of your out of office messages

  • Setup of phone diversions and voicemail / message banks

  • Notification of customers regarding your holiday operating hours via office voicemail, website and social media channels.

2. Carrier Embargoes

Embargo Period: 13.12.19 to 13.01.20

It’s best to avoid relocations or major works on your phone lines during the Christmas break, as all carriers have embargo periods. This year the embargo period runs from 13.12.19 to 13.01.20. Talk to an Arrow specialist if you want to know more.

3. Keep Your Business Connected

Don’t let your business miss an important support enquiry or sales lead. Change the answer points of your 1300/1800 numbers to an office that is open or divert to a message service.

4. Say Bye to Bill Shock

If you are traveling overseas during the holiday season and taking your smart phone, be aware of any roaming charges that may apply. Talk to your Arrow account manager to find out more.

5. Review Your IT Setup

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of reviewing your current IT infrastructure? You are certainly not alone. Arrow Business Essentials covers everything you need to ensure your IT setup is where it needs to be.

We can offer

6. Review Your Phone System Performance

Is your current communications setup meeting your expectations and helping you meet your business objectives? If not, it’s time to start a review of your existing system and talk to Arrow about the options available for you.

If you haven’t migrated to a hosted VoIP solution, talk to us about the benefits of making the switch, including reducing your costs and improving your productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction. Arrow are partnered with the leaders in cloud communications including Avaya, 8×8 and Mitel, so you can access a wide range of technologies and solutions, tailored to your business requirements.

7. Is Your Internet Connection Fit for Purpose?

Your internet connection is critical to your business operations. Are you accessing the most appropriate business-grade connection for your needs? Arrow offer access to the widest range of carriers and products Australia-wide, including Fibre connections and business-grade NBN. We can also discuss redundancy solutions to keep your business connected and secure. Start 2020 with the right internet connection, that’s flexible, scalable and future-proof.