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Arrow Voice Channels

The perfect match for your IP phone system

Upgrade to Voice Channels

Replace your old analogue or ISDN lines with the latest in voice line technology.

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State-of-the-art features that you just can’t get with standard phone lines.

  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Multi-site networking is simple
  • Free inter-office and international toll free calls
  • Redundancy failover options means you’ll never miss that important call
  • Get a local business number in over 50 countries with GEO numbers
  • Easily scale to increase your voice lines / channels in single or multiple blocks
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  • Included: Local and national call options
  • Redundancy: Failover options & auto disaster recovery
  • GEO numbers: Build a global presence for your business
  • CRM Integration: Manage your customers more efficiently
  • Shared Call Appearance: Multiple devices ring simultaneously
  • Voicemail: To email
  • Less Lines: Keep your network costs down
  • Call Centre Functionality: Solutions customised for your needs
  • One Number: Desk phone, iPhone, Android, PC & Mac client
  • Cloud: Conference room
  • Call Reporting: Gain insights from smart business intelligence

Arrow voice cloud and voice channels

Arrow Voice Cloud and Arrow Voice Channels

Arrrow offers your business a simple, flexible and powerful hosted phone solution.

Our managed routers provide simple and reliable networking and deliver partitioned bandwidth for voice and internet to ensure optimal call quality.

Whatever your business setup or needs, Arrow can customise the perfect solution.

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FREE Inter-Office calls
Within Australia
Standard National Calls*
Local Calls*
Mobile calls
18c per minute
13 / 1300 Calls
35c per minute
No Flagfall
Within Australia


Complete and PAYG Plans

Cap your costs with our unlimited options or pay for what you use with our flexible pay-as-you-go plan.
Bundle your voice channels with an Arrow phone system from Avaya, Cisco or NEC.

FLEXIBLE - Pay only for what you use

  • PAYG

  • Voice lines / channels included
  • Super low call rates
  • 10-100 number block options

COMPLETE - No more bill shock ! - Cap your costs


  • Voice lines / channels included
  • Unlimited local and national calls*
  • FREE on-net calls between sites

*Subject to Arrow’s acceptable use policy.
Dedicated bandwidth is not included in the monthly fee. This must be purchased separately and must not be used for any other purpose other than to run the voice service, unless deliberately segmented or QoS applied.

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