/7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Business Telecommunication

7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Business Telecommunication

Looking for ways to reduce your business telecommunication costs for the New Year? Here are 7 ways to save your money in 2017!

Engage a Telecommunications and IT Service Provider

Not everyone can afford to have an internal IT department. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go without one. IT Service Providers are cost-effective and provide high-quality support without the overhead.
Providing support to a wide range of carrier products such as data, phone, integrated voice data as well as internet services, a telecommunications IT service provider can help you acquire services which is best suited for your business and your budget.

Get the right ISP and broadband for your location

There is nothing more costly to a business than being locked into a contact with an ISP for the wrong service. Not only is this a costly mistake to make, but it often costs even more in lost customers of your business. Make sure you are service qualified for the right ISP and broadband service for your area. Using a service such as Arrow’s Broadband Exchange will ensure that you receive the best provider and the optimum service while keeping costs in check.

Consolidate billing

Consolidating your bills into a single bill reduces the number of bills your company needs to process every month – particularly if you have multiple locations. This will result in reduced administration costs as well as provide your business with greater visibility of existing telecommmunication inventory as well as your monthly expenditures.

Remove long distance bundles and calling plans

There have been strides made in the advancement of VOIP (Voice over IP) services. So why not take advantage of this great platform? Apart from the lower rates on phone calls, you can do away with the incremental cost of having long distance bundles and enjoy a “pay for what you use” plan structure instead.

Eliminate unnecessary services

Far too often, we are offered services that, while handy, is not necessary to run a business. Put your services under the microscope and remove services you rarely or never use. Features such as Call Waiting and Last Call Return are best suited for residential customers. These are but two of the many features you can live without. By doing so, you’re eliminating unnecessary telecommunication costs to your business.

Bundle services

Check on the availability of feature plans if you’re paying individual rates for your phone features. If you’re receiving your phone service from one company and your long distance or toll free from another, request rates for those services from your phone service provider and ask one of them to see if they can bundle the services for you.

Lastly, take advantage of end of year promotions

You’ll see all sorts of bargains at the end of the year during the festive season. While it’s not immediately apparent, your business telco is no exception! Pay attention to the deals your telco provide during this time and compare. You might find that changing providers could save you thousands over the next few years.

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